King’s Day 2020…the day that the wise men gave their gifts to Jesus. In the Dominican Republic it is the day that the children receive their gifts. Another year of making sure many children received a gift…about 260 children to be exact, and it was priceless. It makes one want to do more and put smiles where there usually isn’t one. I can never do this alone! I am thankful for all who helped in any way this year… Daniela Duarte de Fernandez, Craig and Jane Fowler, Vista Sol Resort, Renny Avila and Renny Travel, Kevin Mikolash, DIVERTILANDIA Entertainment, the parish of Jesus Maestro Church Father Angel and Father Jorge, Dominica Garrah, Michael and Jenn Brace, the parents of Maggio Multicultural Academy, Elvira De Bellis, Miss Mel, Sabrina Shoufani Layos Dogme Leve and anyone else who made today the great success that it was. I hope the children sleep happily and peacefully tonight and may God Bless them!

The children are explaining why we celebrate and receive presents on this day. As it was the day that the 3 Magi Kings arrived in Bethlehem to bring gifts to baby Jesus.