United By Education Virtual Summit

June 29th and June 30th begins at 10:00am ET


The revolution is not coming... IT IS HERE!

"Education Silos" with one teacher per room, every subject its own class or time frame, and every child sits at his or her own desk; everything is a "one size fits all" model, and children learn the basics.
An outdated educational model - A system focused on one-way thinking and standardized testing - Compartmentalized and time-bound learning - Deficiency in skills employers are looking for when hiring
An updated educational model - Student-centered - Self-directed learning -Collaborative -Cross-disciplinary - Performance & project-based - Hands-on - Applicable and relevant to the real world - Gamified - Use of AI, AR, and VR - Success Mentoring


 The guests who are taking their time to be with us on these 2 days are doing so because Education and helping kids and teens around the world is something very important to them. Some of the speakers are young people themselves. Some will share their stories and others will provide advice and wisdom. I guarantee everyone who participate will walk away having learned something to motivate and inspire you to take action in whatever has been holding you back.


You are the future, and you have the option to be and do whatever you want, and these amazing speakers will show you how they did it. You will be inspired by these great people that are coming together to empower you! As well, you will see what other young people are doing around the world. There are many struggles and difficulties in life, however, they are not meant to hold you back, they are meant to help you learn and grow so you can be the best at whatever you choose. Your dreams become your vision, and your vision becomes your reality; the only thing you need to do is take action and believe in yourself.


Being a parent is a challenging job, especially when trying to ensure you are meeting all of your child's needs. We often send our children to school blindly, thinking they are in good hands. However for many parents, this past year has been eye opening in realizing that the way things are being done just isn't working for many children anymore, and the one size fits all model needs to be changed. The good news is that there is hope, and you will be introduced to a large community that is guiding their children in a different way.


 It is easy to become discouraged in the role of an educator. As someone who has been in the field for over 20 years, we often struggle with our own mindset and our own daily lives, that we sometimes forget that our words may be the only kind and caring words a child might hear all day. We are meant to encourage children and make them believe they can do what ever they want to if they are willing to do the work. You will be introduced to stories of people that may remind you of a student you have today. A student you may think at this moment won't make anything of their life. If you are being honest with yourself, we have all had these thoughts a time or two over the years. However through the great stories of the people on our panel, you will soon see that you really can't “judge a book by its cover," as what may seem to be ordinary turns out to be extraordinary!


They will Educate, Motivate, Inspire and Empower you!

Keynote Speaker:

Naveen Jain
Naveen is a curious entrepreneur, focused on ideas that will push humanity forward. He is an award-winning author for his book Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance. His current moonshot adventures are Moon Express and more importantly Viome. Viome’s singular mission is to “make illness optional.” He is the recipient of Many awards: “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young, “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company, “Top 20 Entrepreneurs” & “Lifetime Achievement Award” for leadership by Red Herring. “Medal of Honor” by Ellis Island, and “Top 50 Philanthropists” by Town & Country Magazine.
Entrepreneur/Public Figure
Forbes Riley
Forbes Riley is an Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and one of the World's Leading Health & Wellness experts. She was voted one of the "Top 20 Most Inspiring People on Television." She is a dynamic Motivational Speaker and role model; many people often know her as the Pitch or Infomercial Queen!
JT Foxx
JT Foxx is a Serial Entrepreneur, Private Equity Fund Manager, Real Estate Investor and an Author. However, like many success stories, the odds were not always in his favor. His road to wealth was one of hard work, determination and great desire. He came to the United States from Canada with only $974. At one point he thought he was in debt $34,000 dollars, and almost gave in and went back to Canada, but one more deal led him to the start of what he has today.
Author/Motivational Speaker
Bruce Pulver
Bruce Pulver is an Executive Sales Professional with expertise in Healthcare Services and Technology. He is a global and TEDx Speaker, a published author and a high demand authority on the power of our words in driving our outcomes. "Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter" is Pulver's best selling book that teaches and activates how our words drive our outcomes and success.
Author/Motivational Speaker
Greg Reid
Greg Reid is a world-renowned speaker, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who has inspired millions of people to step into the potential of their greatness. He has been published in more than 100 books including 32 best-sellers in 45 languages. Greg is also the founder and CEO of the Secret Knock, an event and professional community focused on partnership, networking, and business development. His latest endeavors are in the entertainment industry as a producer with his most recent film Wish Man, based on the creator of the Make A Wish Foundation, streaming on now on Netflix. Greg has won multiple awards including a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame.
Author/Motivational Speaker
Greg Walker
Greg Walker was born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. He is the only one of fifteen children to ever graduate high school. He once lived in a drug infested, alcoholic, and domestic violent environment, but he has overcome many obstacles. Coming from a family of failures, he was teased and labeled a slow learner and was asked to drop out of high school on his very first day, just because his twelve siblings dropped out before him. Even though everyone around him laughed and called him "The Big Dreamer," he knew his potential and made his dreams a reality!
Robert Anderson Jr.
Rob works with schools and corporations to improve how they demonstrate and communicate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. He is the author of, "The 12 Things They Wanted To Teach You in High School... But Couldn't" It is a personal development book that identifies the 12 things our educational leaders can do to elevate their spirits and create maximum impact in their classroom and community. He focuses on personal empowerment by learning how to create an atmosphere of love and inclusion.
Celebrity and Presidential Chef
Roberto Mendoza
Native of El Salvador, Chef Mendoza is an internationally recognized chef, culinary innovator, educator, television persona, humanitarian, and lecturer. However, as a child he lived in poverty and was kidnapped at the age of 18. Although the road to success was paved with many obstacles, he had great perseverance and his faith in God. He is the founder of The Chef Heaven’s Kitchen, an organization that provides solutions to end hunger and poverty by feeding low-income children and bringing joy to each one of them.
Holistic Entrepreneur
Meagan Fettes
Meagan Fettes works with heart centered business owners to get clear on their business and reverse engineer the business model into intentional action steps they can take to build their business by design for success, while stepping into alignment with the universal laws and the greater self. Featured as well in the movie "How Thoughts Become Things," produced by Douglas Vermeeren, Meagan is often called the "Joy Coach" and channels much of her energy through her yoga training and success coaching.
Author/Motivational Speaker/Girlpreneur
Arianna Fox
Arianna is known as a little ball of joy and energy! Her ideas are as revolutionary as they are wide-reaching. For several years, she has devoted her life to reaching out to others to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence. Making a positive impact upon others and helping them rock their lives to maximum potential is part of this up and coming "Kidpreneur’s" goal for her interactions with kids, fellow tweens, teens, and adults. As an author, her first publication, The Princess Chronicles: Not Your Average Princesses, was released in early 2017, teaching young children how to build their own character, confidence, and to create lasting friendships. Her new book, a young adult novel titled False Awakening, has been published and is proving to be a very popular read.
Young Entrepreneurs
Rich Kids Global
Luke, Alex and Ben are looking to make a difference in the lives of other kids and spread their love and knowledge for entrepreneurship all around the world. They are on a mission to help young people become RICH in Knowledge, Purpose, and Passion, as well as level-up for success with their online programs. Their programs include the Entrepreneur's Book Club, exclusive access to Success Mentors and the M.A.P.S to success program.
Makenna Riley
Since the age of 12, Makenna has been mastering entrepreneurship, and has worked with celebrities like Russell Brunson and Les Brown. Now at the age of 18, she has helped her mother, Forbes Riley, up-level her empire. She just created a new program called Get Sh** Done, to help those who struggle with getting things finished, create a system that will help them be more productive.
Former Harlem Globetrotter
Jonte Hall
Jonte Hall stands tall at 5’2”. He was told his whole life to quit pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. However after many try-outs and rejections related to his height (not skills), he finally became the shortest player in history for “The Harlem Globetrotters”. His message: “as long as your heart stands tall, you’re not so small!”
Omar Medrano
Omar is a highly-successful entrepreneur and business coach for people who are ready to crush the fear that’s keeping them from their potential. He is a serial franchise owner and fans often call him, “The Vacation CEO.” Known as the expert in outsourcing and taking your time back, Omar has become an example and mentor to many. He is the author of “What If It Did Work?” a book on overcoming fear.
Douglas Vermeeren
Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive firsthand research into the lives of 400 of the world's top achievers. He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Disney, and others to share with you. He has been called the world's most effective wealth coach and the world's #1 Passive income coach. He doesn’t teach or focus on theory - he gets results. He is often featured on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC and others. He has also produced four personal development films and is the author of multiple books. His latest work is as CEO of Certified Entrepreneur Coach and Predictable Millionaire.
Scott Lumley
Scott Lumley has owned numerous companies and has created great success in his life. Looking at him today, you would never guess how his story began. He grew up in poverty and neglect, raising his two brothers until he was 10 and decided he needed to run away. After running away, he was abducted, chained, abused, beaten, and tormented by a preacher. He has recently written a book that will soon be released called "Unchained." He is now an advocate in bringing awareness to child abuse and trafficking.
Founder and Director of Empowered Youth
Dene Botha
Dene is a self-taught entrepreneur who has dedicated the past 12 years of his life training young people essential life-skills that bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood. He is also a TV show presenter, radio personality, motivational speaker, actor, model, extreme sports athlete, rhino activist and all round lover of life. Empowered Youth is an academy dedicated to improving young people's lives, and his excitement is demonstrated when providing insight on all things youth related.
Authors/Motivational Speakers
The Ben Salmi Family
As a family, The Ben Salmi's have a number of inspiring mantras: "Ben Salmi teamwork makes the dream work. - There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. - The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step." Sabrina and her children, Lashai, Tray-Sean, Yasmine, Paolo, and Amire are a truly inspiring example of a family who are all committed to giving back to the world, and helping others.
Thought Leader / Speaker / Entrepreneur
Glenn Marsden
Glenn is the Founder of one of Australia’s most publicized Mental Health Awareness Initiatives ‘Imperfectly Perfect,’ which has gained global recognition and has had over 300+ of the worlds most Influential Public Figures get on board, with an exponential reach of over 5 million. He has been featured in over 100+ Publications and Networks and scaled into an International Organization. He is also a Business Strategist and Performance Coach who works with clientele across the Entertainment and Corporate Sectors.
Computer Network Engineer
Jeff Colburn
Jeff is a Computer Network Engineer and founder of Team Caveo. Over the past twenty-five years, he has grown his career to where he now works at the most senior level of his industry. In 2013, he began to share his knowledge and experience to teach and mentor others so that they may launch careers in Information Technology. Many with successful IT careers originated from his mentorship program. Jeff has operated his own business since 2004. His company continues to provide best-in-class engineering services which permits them to incorporate the most current technologies and practices into their program.
Author/Motivational Speaker
Dale Hancock
As an international confidence coach for kids and teens, Dale’s ambition to impact over 1 million students worldwide is coming to fruition. Speaking in Parliament on the issues surrounding, mental health, low self-esteem and a confidence crisis in schools, Dale has raised awareness of this need. Dale earned the title #1 International Best Seller in Children and Teen Mental Health on Amazon, with his book ‘Raw Confidence.’ Dale was diagnosed as being dyslexic late in his university years, and missed out on the vital support he needed. His education never prepared him for life's battles, and he wants to give students the tools to face life's obstacles.
Former Harlem Globetrotter
Herb Lang
As a Harlem Globetrotter, Herb travelled to 90 countries in 18 seasons. He is the best-selling author of Projects, Popes and Presidents and has been featured twice on the TV show Amazing Race. As well, he is a father, tv producer, motivational speaker, and he is currently on a mission to spread kindness around the world with his podcast and campaign #kindnessisfree.
CEO 17 Entertainment
Alejandra Chaparro
Born in Colombia, Alejandra is an award-winning journalist with more than 15 years of experience in the media industry, including Miami, New York, LA, London, Spain and Latin America. She also hosted a weekly segment on Showbiz TV (CNN Español) in Miami and has been interviewed by Univision, NY1, El Diario, New York Times, among others. She is an expert in communications, marketing, and event management.
Maria Trusa
Dominican born, Maria is a woman who has overcome multiple obstacles to be the incredible woman she is today. Brutally raped at the age of 9, she is now an advocate in fighting sexual abuse and helping others find their voice to speak out through her book and foundation “Yo Digo No Más” (I Say No More). She is the CEO of Formé Medical Center and respected for driving millions in profits with ethics and integrity.
Jona Lemmonds
Jona is the Founder/CEO of Launch Your Wealth that is a business consultancy, podcast and educational resource. Amidst the pandemic Covid19, she recently launched and is the founding partner of Ashtree Wealth Group, a real estate investment & financial services company. She is leading their client and partnership experiences, as well as their business growth to become a bridge for wealth creation globally. Her advocacy is in recognizing there is a wealth gap and making wealth creation more accessible using financial literacy and Youth Empowerment is one way to serve. Jona and the new venture is investing in the future of diversity growth, education and entrepreneurship.
Advocate for Youth Financial & Investment Literacy
Rion Cruz
Rion is a young entrepreneur and growing into leadership development as a core member of Launch Your Wealth. He is advocating for Financial & Investing Literacy, especially for the youth. Rion is representing the future of its leadership & business partnerships by building a team of young leaders and partners with the company. His personal mission is to help educate & inspire the Youth, and the Next GEN so they can break out of the mold, through financial freedom & entrepreneurship.
Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge Esq.
Native of Haiti, Altagracia is founder and owner of the Outerbridge Law P.C. She is multilingual, speaking French, Creole, Spanish, and English, with an MBA and a passion for helping others. She serves clients in many demographics. She came to the US at 15, was soon thereafter orphaned and went through great struggle to become a U.S. citizen, so she serves her immigration clients with valuable insight and is committed to helping people secure the right to live and work in the U.S. ​
Larry Jinkins
Larry has more than 25 years of sales and entrepreneurship experience, training hundreds of sales professionals throughout the U.S. Additionally, he was granted a patent from USPTO on a device to reduce head and neck injuries in sport caused from whiplash. He is passionate about innovation and strategic leadership with a student-centered design and well-being mindset. He has presented papers at the Global Events Congress in 2014 and 2016, and he is now a doctoral candidate for strategic leadership in business.
President at Southern New Hampshire University
Dr. Paul J. LeBlanc
Since 2003, Dr. LeBlanc leadership has grown SNHU from 2,800 to over 150,000 students and is the largest nonprofit provider of online higher education in the country. SNHU was #12 on Fast Company magazine’s “World’s Fifty Most Innovative Companies” list, and the only university included. Forbes Magazine listed him as one of its 15 “Classroom Revolutionaries” and one of the “most influential people in higher education.” Washington Monthly named him one of America’s ten most innovative university presidents.
Author/Motivational Speaker/Musician
Daniel Barahona
Daniel is an incredible 16 year old, wise beyond his years. As a child, he began to feel the desire to help others. He always loved when people told him thank you after helping them with a big smile. Of course there was a stage when he began judging others to belong to a group of cool guys, but in doing so, he didn't feel himself inside. So he decided to stop doing what made him unhappy and started doing what he felt inside. Many of his ¨ friends ¨ began to insult him and treat him badly for a while, and although it was hard, he went on. He continued to do what brought him joy every day; helping those who need it. Through his own talents, he helps others to wake up and feel better about themselves.


Kristi Maggio

CEO - Chief Educational Officer

Founder of Maggio Multicultural Foundation and Academy - an educational leader, mentor, and advocate for equal educational opportunities - highly skilled in the area of language acquisition, curriculum development, and students learning styles "As an educator for over 20 years, I have watched too many children continuously fail and feel inadequate merely because they didn’t fit the traditional way of learning created 100 years ago, that is focused on one-way thinking and standardized testing."
Follows and Likes Vol.1
Coming August 1st 2021!
In today's world, the true meaning of success has been defined to youth by society, as having fame and fortune or being millionaires, putting the stigma on them that their worth is merely based on possessions. Often they think that what they have is more important, as well as thinking such success is easy to come by. Many look for and desire instant gratification or overnight success, basing a lot of their worth on the number of likes or follows they have on social media.

Craig Schwartz 
Former Senior Vice President of Operations, Altria Richmond, Virginia

Michael Brace 
Vice President & General Manager, Altria
Richmond, Virginia

Amy Doolen 
Child Psychologist
Rome, New York

Amanda LaFlamme
Sales Manager
 Watertown, New York