Follows and Likes
This book is the first in what will be a series, highlighting success stories, with the goal to inspire adolescents, especially at-risk youth. In today's world, the true meaning of success has been defined to our youth, by society, as having fame and fortune, being millionaires and putting the stigma on them that their worth is merely based on having things as well as more likes or followers on social media. The objective is to have young people understand and relate to what true success is and how to achieve it, and why they would want it in the first place. Therefore, it is only logical to share the stories of those that have overcome obstacles and adversity encountered to fulfill their dreams. It is through these stories that teens and young adults, who are facing the same situations or having difficult times at the moment, can have real-life examples to relate to. It is important for the youth of today to know that no matter where they are now, how deplorable their conditions may be, whether they come from divorced, single parent homes, are in foster care, struggling in school, facing racial or social inequities, etc., that they too can achieve their goals and do what they love, in any profession. The key is breaking down what they have been preconditioned to believe and instill in them the steps they need to take to make this a reality, to believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams. Featured Stories Include: Naveen Jain Dr. Jen Welter Ram Castillo Maria Trusa Herb "Flight Time" Lang Jonte Hall Ungenita Prevost Roberto Mendoza Maria Trusa Scott Lumley Barbara Majeski Henry Kaminski Jr. Greg Reid Kyra Kim Kellina Powell

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