Mission & Vision

Our Mission is working relentlessly to create equal educational opportunities and mentorship for underserved youth, so any child can be successful no matter who they are or where they come from.   

Our Vision is to impact millions of children by creating  PROACTIVE educational programs so the next generation can make informed choices to benefit their personal growth and development.

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Giving your help to Maggio Multicultural Foundation can help us to reach more children and transform their lives for a better tomorrow.

Working With Passion

Kristi Maggio, went to the Dominican Republic in 2013 to try and perfect her Spanish, but in the end, she accomplished much more than this.

With the help of many people and personal fundraising efforts, she managed to help many children and communities over the years. The humanitarian accomplishments thus far have been:

  • Raising money to provide Wine to Water purification systems to communities around Cambita Garabitos, Dominican Republic.
  • Building a water reservoir in the community of La Jaguita, Cambita Garabitos. Raising $18,000
  • Collecting school supplies, clothing, toys, hygiene products and food  to bring to the school children of Anamuya, Dominican Republic.
  • Among other projects. Read More

Maggio Multicultural Foundation

Bringing school supplies to the school in Anamuya

Helping the community of Monte Verde

Helping the community of Monte Verde after Hurricane Maria

Maggio Humanitarian Effort

Building a water reservoir for the community of La Jaguita

Giving toys to the children in Anamuya for Christmas

Giving toys to the children in Anamuya for Christmas

Make a Donation

Making a donation will help us and transform the lives of more children in need.